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If you are looking to buy or sell a home it can be a daunting prospect, fraught with uncertainty and stress. This is when you need to turn to Somerset conveyancing solicitors Amicus Law, specialists in legal services for buying and selling private properties. Your personal conveyancing lawyer will take you step by step through every important point in the conveyancing process.

The right advice from your experienced local lawyer, when buying or selling a home, is vital to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Protecting one of your largest investments is why it is so important that you seek the right legal advice. Get in touch for an efficient, smooth conveyancing service with a personal touch.


At AmicusLaw we have a dedicated team with specific experience in dealing with the purchase of properties by way of shared ownership lease.

We understand that for most clients this will be the first time they have purchased a property and we therefore aim to guide clients through the purchase as quickly and efficiently as we can. From the start of the process right through to completion you will be dealing one to one with a specialist property lawyer with direct telephone/e-mail communication.

Our service is provided on a fixed fee basis. This means that you can easily budget for the costs involved in the transaction as we know how important this is to clients and because we deal with this specific type of work every day with referrals from a number of Housing Associations this allows us to keep our prices extremely competitive.


At any stage of life you or your loved ones may need assistance and support in making important decisions to ensure your best interest are protected. Well drafted Lasting Powers of Attorney greatly enable you to remain in involved and in control for as long as possible and assist those appointed to help you understand your personal preferences thereby giving you the maximum support and security.

We offer an effective service preparing bespoke Lasting Powers of Attorney that ensure the correct legal protection is provided whilst respecting the sensibilities of those involved. Preparing your Lasting Power of Attorney now guarantees that you have complete confidence the right people have been appointed to look after your affairs and protects your position in the event that changes in the future prevent you from being able to make those decision for yourself.


Preparing a Will can be stressful and unpalatable however by planning ahead, and with the guidance of a properly qualified and regulated solicitor, we can give you peace of mind and avoid the unintended consequences that may arise with a badly drafted Will or dying without making your wishes known thereby avoiding difficulties that may arise for your loved ones after you pass away.

We shall help you prepare a bespoke Will that is administratively and tax efficient whilst reducing the risk of a claim being made against your estate after your death. With our personal and sensitive touch you can feel confident that that more of the wealth accumulated during your life goes to those you choose, in the way that you want. 


In some of life’s most sensitive moments you need to feel protected and safe. In our experienced hands you will. Our team of family law experts are here to listen and represent you, through mediation, negotiation, or the court process if necessary. Acting with sensitivity, pragmatism and discretion, as accredited family and divorce lawyers, we get results.

Protecting you and your interests in divorce and separation, disputes involving children, cohabitation and pre nuptial agreements, and dissolution of civil partnerships. Contact us for a free 30 minute, no obligation, initial appointment.


We are able to help resolve disputes with individuals or firms in the County Court or High Court. We have excellent relations with some of the best barristers in the country and, where appropriate, can engage their specialist services.

Many disputes are also resolved through mediation, which is intended to be faster and less costly than formal court proceedings. One of the best mediation services in the country is based in Taunton and we have direct access to this in appropriate cases.

It’s vital to have confidence in your solicitor in terms of doing everything they can on your behalf, as well as faith in their advice and guidance through the technical aspects of the law, to be sure of achieving the best outcome for you. As specialist private lawyers we have the expertise and experience to manage your affairs more efficiently and smoothly, and the personal touch to deliver the service in way that suits you best.

No-one wants to be involved in disputes but they are a fact of life and when they do occur you may feel you need expert guidance in working towards their swiftest possible conclusion.


Employment law can be complicated. However, many of the problems employees face have very little law attached to them and are more about relationship difficulties and lack of communication in the workplace.

Speaking to a lawyer is, on occasion, the best thing to do but there are a whole host of on-line resources and other organisations that can help before you contact a solicitor.


If you or your family are contact or questioned by the police or other prosecution authorities, it is important that you are represented by an experienced lawyer, who is able and willing to attend a police station with you at any hour. We can advise you on all types of offences from road traffic incidents to homicide and other serious crimes.

As well as fighting for your rights we will manage the necessary procedures and explain what is happening and why. If you are required to attend court we can give you access to an experienced barrister to represent you. Our expert criminal lawyers have an extensive depth and breadth of experience you need.

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