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Community Safety in and around Yeovil

Yeovil Town Council works closely with Avon and Somerset Constabulary, and with the Mendip and South Somerset Community Safety Partnership, to help prevent and detect crime in and around Yeovil.

The Council supports a number of initiatives including the sponsorship of Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's) and the operation of the Town Centre CCTV System.

Regular discussions are held between the Town Council and the Police to help tackle emerging issues, identify new initiatives and to consider ways by which existing arrangements may be improved. 

The Town Council played a pivotal role in the designation of alcohol free zones in the Town Centre, and the introduction of skateboarding byelaws in public places across Yeovil.

Each year a budget is allocated by the Town Council for community safety initiatives, and this has been used in the past to help provide street lighting in poorly lit areas, the development of the Radiolink service and to purchase additional CCTV cameras.

In considering planning applications, the Town Council has regard to ways by which proposed developments may be designed to reduce the potential for crime.  

The following weblinks provide useful information about the Yeovil Police Sector, and the Neighbourhood Beat Teams that have been set up by the Police in and around the Town:

Yeovil Sector 

Yeovil Central Beat

Yeovil East Beat

Yeovil South Beat

Yeovil West Beat 

Brympton Beat

Yeovil Without Beat 

Yeovil Town Council

Yeovil Town Council