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The Town Centre beat comprises the parishes of Yeovil Central Ward and Yeovil South Ward. The beat boundary is formed by the roads of Queensway and Reckleford and is flanked by the local beauty spot of Ninesprings and Old Station Road. The beat principally comprises the towns’ retail outlets and the Quedam Shopping Centre. It is a thriving and expanding shopping and entertainment centre.

I am delighted to have been invited to participate on the Yeovil Town website. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce myself as the Beat Manager for Yeovil Town Centre and the Yeovil Central Ward, and to share some information with you that may be useful and reassuring.

Although being the sole beat manager for this area, I form part of the Safer Stronger Neighbourhood Team based at Yeovil police station which covers the whole of the Yeovil sector.  The Neighbourhood team consists of a total of 6 beat managers and 9 Police Community Support Officers, along with a dedicated Inspector and Sergeant.

Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods is a commitment made by the police service to improve the quality of life of our communities by working together with our partners to target issues and problems that the community identify to us.  I feel that it is vital that we all work together to ensure that members of our community feel safe and that the fear of crime can be reduced by the commitment made by the Neighbourhood team.

Yeovil, particularly the town centre has had a tremendous year in crime reduction with crime figures continuing to fall. This is due to the excellent partnership working within the town centre, particularly the work carried out with licensees under Pubwatch and Retail Crime Reduction Partnership alike. As partners we act quickly and positively ensuring that the troublemakers are excluded from our town centre premises, both licensed and retail, to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to use and enjoy.

As the beat manager for Yeovil town centre, I have been and continue to work on initiatives to make our community even safer. I attend regular meetings with both town and district councils and other partners to promote Yeovil as a safe and enjoyable place to work and visit.

We have two Police Community Support Officers that are dedicated to working on the Yeovil Central Ward; PCSO Ian Ross and PCSO Cath Helyar. Both Ian and Cath are out walking around their beat on a daily basis. Their role is to build confidence within the community by reducing crime and fear of crime and to deter anti-social behaviour through their regular patrols.

We also have PCSO Kim Williams working with the team who has just commenced a new role dealing with licensing, under age alcohol sales etc. Kim will be working alongside PC Dave Buckley who carries the role of Night-time Economy Manager for the Yeovil area.

I would encourage any feedback from all members of our community to help us understand your needs and concerns.

I would also invite members of the community to visit the Avon and Somerset website, which is kept updated by the beat team on a regular basis at www.avonandsomerset.police.uk.
The Yeovil Central team can also be contacted on 101.

For further information on Yeovil Town Beat:


For further information on Crime Reduction:



All enquiries - 101 This number is to be used for all calls to the Police that are none urgent (crime reporting, lost property and so much more).  Please tell the person who answers the phone exactly why you are calling and let them decide who to put you in contact with.

Emergencies - 999 This number is to be used for all Emergencies.

An Emergency is:

· Where there is danger to life or a risk of injury.
· Where a crime is in progress or believed to be in progress.
· Where an offender is still at the scene or has just left.

Crimestoppers  - 0800 555 111 If you have information about a crime, telephone West Country Crimestoppers.  Your call is free.  You do not have to give you name and you may qualify for an award.

Voice Mail - If you know the staff/collar number of the person you wish to contact, you can leave messages on their voice mail system.  This will allow you to contact them without having to go through the standard telephone switchboard.  Dial; 01935 402268 and when prompted dial 7 followed by the staff/collar number (if the number has 3 digits put a 0 in front).

Email - If you have access to an E-mail system then you can contact an employee of the constabulary by entering the following formula <first name>.<last name>@avonandsomerset.police.uk

Inspector Trevor Ashford (YC)