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Have you thought of a neighbourhood watch for your area?

Reduce the opportunities for crime
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For further information or details on how to start a scheme please contact NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH ADMINISTRATION at Yeovil police station on 01275 818181.

If you have any information about crime please contact Yeovil
 police station on the above number or you can do so anonymously if you wish by contacting crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


Neighbourhood Watch is a method of developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood and the local Police. The aims are to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, fast and accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit.

Objectives of Neighbourhood Watch

  • To Reduce Crime

By improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime reduction awareness.

  • To assist the Police in detecting crime

By promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity.

  • To reduce undue fear of crime

By providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly amongst the more vulnerable.

  • To improve Police / Community liaison

By providing effective communication through systems such as the Neighbourhood Watch Ringmaster computer which warns co-ordinators/deputies of local crime trends and patterns which they can disseminate to their scheme members, and by members informing the police of incidents when they occur.

What does Neighbourhood Watch involve?

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are set up in Somerset East Police District with the assistance of the Crime Reduction officers, Beat Managers and the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator based at Yeovil Police Station.

The schemes are run by members through a Co-ordinator and supported by the Police. Schemes can vary in size. Co-ordinators supervise the scheme and liase with the Police, they receive information and messages to keep them in touch with activities, and some have marker kits and other security items, which they make available to members.

It must be recognised that the scheme is a community initiative that is supported by the Police, but not run by them, so success depends on what the members make of it!
Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in making their communities safer.

The Co-ordinator

The role of a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is to set up and/or maintain a Neighbourhood Watch scheme within a specific neighbourhood/area. You will need to contact your local Crime Reduction Officer or Neighbourhood Watch Administrator who will clarify what is involved and the initial steps to take.

The following are suggested as the main duties which co-ordinators will need to manage: -

Encourage vigilance amongst scheme members and actively encourage the early reporting of suspicious incidents to the Police.

Receive crime related information from the Neighbourhood Watch computerised messaging system and distribute these messages to scheme members.

Encourage scheme members to be aware of and put into practice crime reduction measures, such as property marking and security devices.

Keep a check on vulnerable households and provide advice to members about dealing with callers at the door.

Circulate newsletters and other relevant information to scheme members.

Welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood/area and invite them to be part of the scheme.
Supply each scheme member with Neighbourhood Watch and crime reduction literature including Neighbourhood Watch window stickers.


There are currently in excess of 780 Neighbourhood Watch schemes covering over 34,000 households within the Somerset East Policing District. Statistics from our Force indicate that you are four times less likely to be burgled if you are in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. If you wish to start a scheme or would like further details telephone 01275 818181 and ask to speak to Mr D Elson, Neighbourhood Watch Administrator  based at Yeovil Police Station or contact him at the following address: - Police Station, Horsey Lane, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1SN