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83 Middle Street
BA20 1LN
The Sweeterie
T:01935 475919

THE SWEETERIE has been established in Yeovil since the 1950s and since the beginning of 1989 has been run by Phil and Val George. The George family have been selling sweets and chocolate since Phil's Grandmother opened her shop in Stoke-SubHamdon in 1915.

Determined to maintain its' traditional style in these ever-changing times, THE SWEETERIE offers over 200 varieties of weigh-out sweets.

Particularly popular during the colder months are WINTER MIXTURE (we have a choice of 5), HERBAL TABLETS (we have a choice of 3 including SOMERSET HERBALS, based on an old Yeovil recipe), WINTER WARMERS, CLOVE CANDIES, ARMY & NAVY, COUGH CANDY TWIST, ANISEED BALLS, CINNAMONS, THROAT AND CHEST LOZENGES and WINTER CANDY (often called Cough Candy in the north of England).

When the warmer weather arrives people get nostalgic over SHERBERT LEMONS, ACID DROPS and LEMON CRYSTALS, together with our range of HAND-MADE COCONUT ICE and FUDGES.

Summer-time visitors, too, might be surprised to find that we sell traditional

Whilst deliberately pandering to the fancies of those of mature years, the younger customers' liking for 'gummy-type' sweets is more than amply catered for with JELLY TEDDIES, FIZZY COLA BOTTLES, WINE GUMS and the suchlike.

In addition we aim to stock all the main new product launches from the major confectionery companies in the U.K.

So, if you thought that you could no longer find a REAL SWEET SHOP in the centre of a modern, fast-growing town then think again and come and see for yourselves our extensive range of COMPETITIVELY-PRICED SWEETS AND CHOCOLATE, both modern and traditional, from home and abroad, SEASONAL AND ALL-YEAR-ROUND to suit all pockets and all ages.

THE SWEETERIE is open, with personal service, Monday to Saturday, 9.00am till 5.30pm.

We look forward to meeting you!

P.S. Just arrived: UNCLE JOE'S MINT BALLS (both weigh-out and in gift packs)!