• Your call is free
  • You do not need to give your name
  • You may receive a reward

Crimestoppers is not the Police. It is a Registered National Charity which was introduced into the UK in 1988 and is an alliance between the community, public and private sector, media and the police with whom we work very closely. Being a charity with no government funding it is totally reiant on donations and sponsorships.

Its mission is to encourage and empower everyone to provide information about crime and criminals without fear or involvement by calling Crimestoppers. With our unique system callers are guaranteed anonymity by ringing our freephone number 0800 555 111 thus overcoming the fear of reprisals or intimidation and there may be a reward.

We wish to help to reduce crime by raising our profile in all areas. Crime affects everyone either directly or indirectly and 1 in 3 of the population is a victim of crime. Credit card theft is £1bn and retail crime is £2bn per annum and rising. Insurance crime adds £1 per week per person to every policy. Violent theft in the retail business is increasing by 44% per annum and there is rising internal crime with staff fraud in many establishments.

The personal cost of crime can be that those directly affected have to live with the consequences - bereavement, personal injury, injury to a loved one, loss of property and the ongoing emotional effects. The elderly are afraid to be out after dark, drugs ruin many lives, women are concerned when out alone, parents worry about their childrens safety and everyone fears being a victim of crime.

10 positive calls to Crimestoppers lead to 1 arrest and an average of three offences for each arrest. £1,000 will enable us to catch 5 criminals solving 15 crimes as it costs £200 to arrest each criminal. Each week as a result of Crimestoppers in the community £135,000 of stolen goods recovered, 65 people are charged with an offence and over 600 calls are received.

How does Crimestoppers work? In the UK there are 29 Crimestoppers Boards covering 43 Police Authorities. Boards represent different but integrated interests and all are volunteers from the community, businesses, organisations and the Police. Some of our successful initiatives to raise the profile with media coverage are:

  • Poster and publicity campaigns throughout the counties of Somerset and old 'Avon'.
  • "SNAP" (Say No And Phone) concerts in schools ained at young people and teenagers who can give information about drugs and drug dealers.
  • "SMART" (Stop Motorcrime And Ring Today) initiatives to catch criminals involved in car crime. The UK is the crime capital of Europe.


In a recent survey 83% of the population said that intimidation and retaliation would prevent them from providing information to the police but 76% said they would ring Crimestoppers. 70% of the crimes recorded would not have come to notice but for Crimestoppers, 46% of crimes would not have been detected, 21% of offenders were not previously known, 54% of offenders were known but not suspected of this offence. Over 90% of investigating police officers rated the crimestoppers information extremely valuable or very valuable.

Crimestoppers is part of your community and the most successful crime detection initiative introduced to the UK in the last 100 years. It works and works hard - the results speak for themselves.