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Ceres Natural Foods
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Ceres was one of the first vegetarian and natural food specialists to open in the South West of England over 35 years ago.  Today we are still selling you a wide and varied range of foods that go to make healthy eating not only good for you but great to taste as well.
With the increasing number of food scares, BSE and GMO's, an upsurge in food based allergies, worries over pesticide residues, people are becoming more concerned and aware of what they eat.

Organic Foods provide the guarantee that modern customers are looking for, and Ceres is proud to have been Certified and Inspected as a Soil Association Organic Shop since 1995; an indication or our commitment to good, safe nutrition.

Recognising that many potential customers can be deterred from buying premium priced products locally, Ceres was instrumental in supporting the creation of the Yeovil LETS group (Local Exchange Trading System) - a tried and tested method of boosting locally based economies without the need of Cash or Banks.

As a founder member, Ceres is pleased to offer participants the choice of paying some of their food bill in LETS 'money'.